If your child becomes sick when in nursery we will telephone you straight away to let you know. If you are unavailable, we will call the emergency contacts provided on your enrolment form. If it is a minor problem, we may advise you to make an appointment at the doctors or to pop in to take a look or just inform you of the situation so you are aware.

The nursery follows rigorous cleaning and hygiene procedures to keep exposure to infectious diseases at bay. If a child in the nursery shows signs of having an infectious disease or is not coping with the day, we will send them home straight away. This will help us to ensure that it does not spread throughout the nursery. This includes children vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea.

Drinks of water and milk are readily available to children. They are given them at meal and snack times. Younger children are regularly offered and encouraged to have drinks throughout the day. Older children each have an individually labeled cup and are encouraged to help themselves to water.

Nurseries are committed to providing a varied curriculum that is accessible to all. Throughout the year, we plan many kinds of stimulating activities that challenge and inspire the children. A tailored programme is delivered to each child to cater to their interests and individual learning needs. We provide daily opportunities for all children to access the outdoor learning environment whatever the weather and when possible we like to take the children on outings to explore the surrounding areas and local communities

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