Why Meraki

When you partner with MERAKI, you are joining hands with the most passionate fraternity in early childhood education. All Affiliate schools derive the following unique benefits.

  • Sharing expertise of pre-school specialists from MERAKI for successfull management of your school
  • Adopting global standards in pedagogy as well as assessments making your school truly international in letters and spirit
  • Constant update on global trends in pre-schooling making your school aligned to parental aspirations
  • Time-bounded, single-stop, cost-effective merchandizing of branded learning and infrastructure materials
  • Qualitative and uniform branding, marketing collaterals to promote your school
  • Integrated and collaborative curriculum for your children completely based on hands on research experience from specialists
  • Numerous opportunities and platform for the exploration of hidden talents in kids
  • Aesthetic, eco-friendly and kids loving design for your school
  • Continuous upgradation of curriculum, delivery methodologies
  • Complete guidance in setting up and administration of your school
  • Supports in teachers/staff recruitment /training and evaluation
  • Scientific school audit & profitability optimization

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