Unique Features

Every day at Meraki School is an interaction with nature. It’s amazingly programmed in eco-friendly outdoor learning coupled with field trips, farming, floriculture etc making your child’s mind and body healthier.

Virtual reality is the most advanced teaching methodology in exploratory pedagogy worldwide. Meraki Franchisees can enjoy teaching with exciting VR Merged curriculum.

The only preschool in India extending handholding administrative support to franchisees by recruiting, training, certifying, ensuring periodic supervision of academic and administrative team .

Yes, we are proud. For the first time in India, exploring innovations using artificial intelligences at preschool level has been immersed in Meraki integrated elementary curriculum framework transforming our little tots as early innovators .

Seeing is believing. Meraki Schools are digitally interlinked, making your child’s learning sophisticated.

Essentially, education is to pull out hidden talents in every human being. Meraki schools constantly endeavour in nurturing hidden talents in every little tots with in numerous talent exploratory sessions and platforms aligned well in curriculum itself.

The pedagogy at Meraki is highly futuristic with robotics based learning methodology enabling Meraki Integrated Elementary Programme fairly suitable for expediting logical reasoning and critical thinking skill sets among children.

Children are not given tiring and repetitive home work at Meraki Schools. Enjoyable creative alternatives are given to kids making them inquisitive and enthuse.

Character assimilation is of paramount focus at Meraki Schools . Children are taught of best behavioural practices. Body language, etiquettes, elegancy in oration ,hospitality and human value systems are integral elements of Meraki Early Schooling .

It is amazingly world class learning and talent boosting that happens at Meraki Schools for every child making them true global citizens.


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